Kingdom of Karameikos

The Kingdom of Karameikos


The Kingdom of Karameikos (more properly the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, or commonly Karameikos) is a large tract of wilderness and unsettled land claimed by Duke Stefan Karameikos the Third. Although he claims control of a large area, large portions of the land are held by humanoids and monsters. The two main settled areas are the coast near the main city of Specularum and the Black Eagle Barony on the Gulf of Halag.

Noteworthy places in Karameikos include:
◾ The Black Eagle Barony
◾ The Estate of Marilenev
◾ The Haunted Keep
Fort Doom
Guido’s Fort
Bandrus’ Keep

The weather throughout the area is usually temperate and mild, with short winters of little or no snowfall and long summers. Rainfall is ample but not heavy, and easterly winds blow cool breezes from over the sea.

The mountain range at the north edge of Karameikos is known by different names to the peoples of the territory: the Black Peaks, the Cruth Mountains, or The Steach.

Due to the climate, large sections of Karameikos are filled with dense forest. While lumbering operations thrive near the edges of the forests, travelers are loath to venture too deeply without good cause. Timber, both hardwood and softwood, is the primary export of Karameikos, and is also used for shipbuilding in the port of Specularum.

Kingdom of Karameikos

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