The City of Luln


Luln is a market town in the Kingdom of Karameikos. It is sixty miles from the western border, and 96 miles northwest of Specularuum. Luln is approximately 9 acres nestled amidst rolling hills.

Luln covers an area of approximately 9 acres, with a total population of 524 people. Breakdown by race is as follows:
◾ Dwarves: 110 (21%)
◾ Elves: 84 (16%)
◾ Half-Elves: 15 (3%)
◾ Halflings: 94 (18%)
◾ Half-Orcs: 5 (1%)
◾ Humans: 216 (41%)

The city is governed by a mayor who is appointed by King Karameikos for an eight-year term. The current mayor is Henry Velle, who has held the office for one and a half terms (12 years).

The peace is kept by 4 guardsmen, who are armed with short swords and crossbows. The guardhouse is capable of housing up to six prisoners at a time in three underground cells. The mayor also serves as judge every Waterday; there is 1 advocate to assist with legal matters and represent the rights of the accused.

The village has 2 noble houses.

There are three temples in Luln, dedicated to the following deities:
◾ Coventina, the Human goddess of rivers, wells, and springs. This temple is run by 3 human druids.
◾ Ocelus, the Dwarven god of healing. This temple is run by 2 dwarven clerics.
◾ Nemetona, the Halfling goddess of the grove. This temple is run by 1 Halfling cleric.

The following services are available in Luln.
Inns: The only inn is the Jester’s Lodge. Private rooms cost 1gp per night and can accommodate two wayfarers. Guests can also sleep in the common room for 1sp per night.
Taverns: There are two taverns. The more upscale Golden Tankard costs more, and serves a more upscale clientele. The Drunken Knave costs less, but has a seedier reputation.
Blacksmiths: There is one blacksmith.
Bowyers: There is one bowyer.
Leatherworkers: There is one leatherworker, who is also a tanner.
Tailors: There are three tailors.
Cobblers: There are three cobblers.
Stables: There are two stables in town. These buy and sell horses, in addition to stabling travelers’ mounts.
Carpenters: There are two carpenters.
Masons: There is one stone mason.

Long ago, the fiefdom of Luln was ruled by a cruel and selfish vassal named Baron Archibald Rodan. Rodan lived in a large and luxurious keep, while his subjects tilled the surrounding land to pay his oppressive taxes. Then one day, the Rodan family mysteriously disappeared. In the generations that followed, the Rodan keep fell to neglect, while the territory of Luln, freed from the iron grip of tyranny, flourished into a thriving farming community.

In the generations that followed, the Rodan keep fell to rubble. The only structures that remain intact are the two towers that once flanked the gatehouse. The citizens of Luln have since dubbed it “The Haunted Keep,” and tell their children horrifying ghost stories about its ruins.

Meanwhile, the town of Luln has prospered. It has become a regular stopover for travelers coming to and from the Five Shires, especially those who are willing to spend their gold for a good meal, a comfortable night’s rest, and provisions for their journey.


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