Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge Throughout the Known World

The following information is known to nearly all travelers in the Known World.

Telling Time
There are 24 hours in a day. There are seven days in a week. The days are:
◾ Sunsday
◾ Moonsday
◾ Treesday
◾ Watersday
◾ Earthsday
◾ Freeday
◾ Starsday
Most religions accept Starsday as a holy day of worship. The Way has adopted Sunsday as its holy day.

There are 12 months in a year. The months are:
◾ Nivosus (30 days)
◾ Pluviosus (30 days)
◾ Ventosus (31 days)
◾ Germen (30 days)
◾ Flos (30 days)
◾ Prairie (31 days)
◾ Messis (30 days)
◾ Thermos (30 days)
◾ Fructus (31 days)
◾ Decerpo (30 days)
◾ Frigus (30 days)
◾ Gelu (31 days)

The seasons are as follows:
◾ Winter: Gelu, Nivosus, Pluviosus
◾ Spring: Ventosus, Germen, Flos
◾ Summer: Prairie, Messis, Thermos
◾ Autumn: Fructus, Decerpo, Frigus

One year is 364 days. Every fourth year is a leap year. During leap years, the months of Pluviosus, Germen, Messis, Thermos, and Frigus have 31 days.

The current year is 1072. The first day of the year (Nivosus 1) was a Watersday.

The Known World has one sun (“the Sun”). There is one moon (“the Moon”); the lunar cycle is 28 days. There is one pole star (“Cephei”) that is used by sailors for celestial navigation.

1,072 years ago, the historian Ricio established the calendar and began chronicling events of his day. This became Year One, and is generally regarded as the dawn of history. Although artifacts written documents exist prior to Year One, archaeologists and sages have been unable to piece together the events of prehistory as of yet.

The history of the Known World is divided the following periods:
◾ Prehistory (prior to Year One): very few written records, and no clear picture of what life was like.
◾ Antiquity (from Year One to the 4th century): characterized by …
◾ The Classical Era (from the 5th to the year 979): characterized by warring fiefdoms vying for control of the Known World. The great epic tales of heroic warriors come from this era.
◾ the Age of Enlightenment (from the start of the new millennium to the present):

Common Knowledge

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