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Wayfarer’s Guide to the Known World

White Lilies is a fantasy roleplaying campaign. We will be using the Osric rule set, with (at the GM’s discretion) some added material from the Usherwood Expansion and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1e. Players should familiarize themselves with the House Rules of this campaign.

In this wiki you will find both character and player knowledge. Character knowledge is information that your character can be expected to know, albeit to varying degrees of detail, based on your backstory and character concept. Player knowledge is material that your character will not know, but that you, as the player, will need to know in order to help craft a more enjoyable story. You are, after all, co-authors of this epic tale.

For simplicity, character knowledge will be presented in Papyrus font, while player knowledge will be presented in the standard font.

Well-traveled adventurers consider the following topics to be common knowledge throughout the Known World:
Noteworthy Places
Noteworthy People
Common Knowledge
Common Religions
Common Monsters

Main Page

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