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    She was a professional killer who left her trademark - a white lily - on the chests of her victims. Trained …

  • Noteworthy Places

    *Noteworthy Places in the Known World*

    Common Religions

    *Common Religions in the Known World*

    Common Monsters

    *Common Monsters in the Known World*

    House Rules

    *Player Character Creation Rules* ◾ No evil alignments. ◾ All clerics must follow The Way (see [[Common Religions]]). ◾ Assassins are permitted; however they must be non-evil. Non-evil assassins must pay a 10% penalty for training to improve a level ( …

  • Luln

    *The City of Luln*
    [[File:375567 | class=media-item-align- …

  • Rose Copperbeard

    Born in Darokin, Rose grew up in a dwarven mining community deep within the Cruth Mountains. Her parents …

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