Rose Copperbeard

Female Dwarf, 1st-Level Cleric


Age: —-
Height: —-
Weight: —-

XP: 0
Class(es): Cleric (Lvl 1)

HP: —- (max -)
AC: —- (rear -; flanked/flat-footed -)

Str: — (⁺0 to hit, melee; ⁺1 damage; +35 lbs. encumbrance; 10% major test; 1-3 minor test)
Dex: — (⁺— surprise; ⁺— to hit, missile; - AC)
Con: — (⁺— per hit die; -% major test; -% minor test)
Int: — (⁺— additional languages)
Wis: — (⁺— to mental saving throws)
Cha: — (— max henchmen; -% loyalty bonus; -% reaction bonus)

Save vs. Aimed Magic Items:
Save vs. Breath Weapons:
Save vs. Death/Paralysis/Poison:
Save vs. Petrifaction/Polymorph:
Save vs. Spells:

To Hit vs. AC


Weapon Proficiencies

- (—- to AC)

- (⁺— to hit; — vs S/M; - vs L)
- (⁺— to hit; — vs S/M; - vs L; RoF -; Rng —)


  • -
  • -

Tracked Resources

  • - (—)

- cp
— gp

Racial Abilities

  • +1 charisma with respect to dwarfs
  • +1 to hit against goblins, half-orcs, hobgoblins, and orcs
  • +1 bonus per 3.5 points of Con to saves against magic and poison
  • -4 penalty to any attacks made against the dwarf by giants, ogres, ogre mages, titans and trolls.
  • Languages: Dwarfish, gnomish, goblin, kobold, and orcish, and the common tongue and the appropriate alignment tongue. Regardless of intelligence, a dwarf may only ever learn
    two languages in addition to those listed.
  • Infravision: 60 ft

Within ten ft, a dwarf who is deliberately observing can:

  • Detect the existence of slopes or grades: 75%
  • Detect the existence of new construction: 75%
  • Detect sliding or shifting rooms or walls: 66%
  • Detect traps involving stonework: 50%
  • Determine depth underground: 50%.

Class Abilities

  • Hit Die Type: d8 (max 9)
  • Experience bonus: Wisdom 16+
  • Armour/Shield Permitted: Any
  • Weapons Permitted: Blunt only—club, flail, hammer, mace, oil, staff; clerics may hurl hammers, clubs, or oil, but may not employ other missile weapons
  • Weapon Proficiencies: 2+1 every 3 levels
  • Penalty to hit for non-proficiency: -3


  • -

Turning Undead

  • Type 1: 10
  • Type 2: 13
  • Type 3: 16
  • Type 4: 19
  • Type 5: 20
  • Type 6: -
  • Type 7: -
  • Type 8: -
  • Type 9: -
  • Type 10: -
  • Type 11: -
  • Type 12: -
  • Type 13: -

Born in Darokin, Rose grew up in a dwarven mining community deep within the Cruth Mountains. Her parents were both very hard-working miners, uneducated, but good, simple folk. Rose was an only child, and as a result her parents doted on her. They always encouraged her to learn more, and to use her knowledge for good. Through her parents’ encouragement, she developed a voracious appetite for books. Her favorite were religious texts and stories.
When she was 36, while on their way to Werskalot to sell some ore, Rose’s family was attacked by robbers, who beat her father and stole their gold. She was surprised to discover that her parents did not get angry at the robbers. As they returned empty-handed to their mine, they speculated on what the reason might be for them to steal, perhaps because they have families and have fallen upon hardships. Her parents even went so far as to pray for the robbers, that they might find a better way to provide for their children. Listening to their conversation inspired Rose to become a cleric, so that she could help people to see that their best destiny lay along the path to righteousness.
She continued to study, and when she turned 250, she left her mine and travelled to Werskalot, where she entered the seminary and was eventually ordained. The bishop there ordered her to go to Luln to establish a cathedral. She set out, alone and with no funding, intending to raise the money through donations.
Along the way, she fell in with another traveller, an elf named Lily who seemed strong, yet filled with a mysterious sadness and longing. Sensing an opportunity laid before her by God, she began to talk with the strange wayfarer about the faith. To her surprise, Lily burst into tears and confessed to being an assassin. After a long cry and some gentle dwarven nurturing, Rose began to speak to her about redemption and forgiveness. Inspired by Rose’s words, Lily resolved to accompany her to Luln, to help her build the cathedral, and to follow in the ways of her faith. They found a nearby pool of water and Rose baptized Lily on the spot.

Rose Copperbeard

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